Groupe G

Groupe G is a Belgian RyePA. It's named after a Belgian resistance group that fought the Nazis in WWII. You go toe to toe with Nazis, you deserve a beer named in your honor. This one is more of a West Coast style IPA. The flower & spice from the mostly Mosaic hops balance with the Belgian yeast emphasizing more esters than phenols. And if you don’t know what esters and phenols are, don't worry about it. Point is, this is one tasty RyePA.

  • Hops: Mosiac, Glacier and Ahtanum
  • Malt: 2-Row, Rye Malt, Munich, Crystal and Red Wheat
  • 6.5% abv
  • 48 IBU

Just remember that talking about what beer tastes like is kinda like describing color to blind people. You use a lot of adjectives but it doesn’t really get the job done. But if you really need to know the more detailed tasting notes of this beer, feel free to click here.

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