When did all these pretentious people take over something as simple and awesome as beer drinking? Headlands Brewing wants to take craft beer back for the regular people who just love beer.

Headlands was created by two guys from the Bay Area who have been part of the local brewing community for quite a while. And we make ales and lagers that embody the spirit of our home. Our beer comes in 16 ounce cans, because if you make great beer, you might as well have more of it rather than less of it.

And cans are more practical than glass anyway and if that turns you off, you’re probably not right for us.

We believe beer is social. It lubricates ideas. And if you’re not having a good conversation over a beer then you should either stop talking or stop drinking.

Also, we named ourselves after the Headlands, for Pete’s sake, so we care about our environment and actively protect it through non-profit work, trail maintenance and restoration, and advocacy.

That’s about it. Hope you like our beer because we believe in our local brewing community and we’re honored to be a part of it. Cheers.


Phil Cutti, Co-Founder & President

As co-founder, el presidente and brewmaster, Phil has been in and around the Bay Area beer community since the late 90′s. His arc has taken him from home brewing and winning competitions; to consulting with up and coming breweries; to being the head brewer at Southpaw BBQ in SF. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the SF Brewers Guild which advocates for and promotes the rich brewing history and community of San Francisco. When Phil is not brewing, you can probably find him swimming in the bay, running on Mt. Tam, or cycling around the Bay Area.


Patrick Horn, Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick was the co-founder and CEO of Pacific Brewing Laboratory, named 2011 San Francisco Nano Brewery of the year, before teaming up with Phil. He heads up day-to-day operations, sales strategy and marketing. He is an avid surfer, swimmer and runner. Before jumping into the beer business he spent 10 years as a lobbyist in Washington, DC. Patrick believes that beer is the great social equalizer.